Male Pandaren Brewmaster Monk


Hello again, pals.

Today I’m not gonna impress you with a new, dashing and very rare transmog set. No.

Today I want to show you guys how I want my Monk alt to look like. And with it, praise the whole art team from Blizzard. Because when I think “Pandaren”, “Monk” and “Brewmaster”, the image above is the exact image that comes to my head. Amazing work, you guys!

The set today is the Mistdancer Armor, a Monk specific set, that you get from opening the Big Crate of Salvage, special lootboxes that you get when you complete level 100 missions in your Garrison once you get the level 3 Salvage Yard (which is bound by a questline itself), by no means it’s an easy set to get that way. The other way to get your hands on this set, is to boost a Monk to level 100 (prices up to U$ 60).

And the weapon is the magestic base version of Fu Zan, the Wanderer’s Companion, the Artifact weapon for Brewmaster Monks in Legion, which matches the set perfectly.

This set is all about class fantasy, and in the Monk case, it means simplicity, agility and lightness. In this case, Blizzard nailed it.

See you all next time and remember: Family, friends, food. These are what matter most.


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