Male Night Elf Demon Hunter


Woah! I’m back! After some well deserved vacation (from both my RL work and WoW) life is finally coming back to its normal boring routine, hehe. And that, obviously, includes my posts here in the blog.

This post is not a request, it was something I was thinking on doing for a while. Now that Demon Hunters are already established and many many of you are way over the top level gaming of them, I was wondering what we could do with the new stuff that Blizzard is throwing at us like crazy, because damn, if we’ve not seen some amazing gearsets (specially the cosmetic ones) being added in the game every new patch.

This one was thinking on all of you people that couldn’t wait to be the hottest Demon Hunter in Azeroth, but for that, you’ll have to work your buns out, because some of this gear is mythic-raid quality! So let’s get down to it!


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