Male Orc Death Knight


And… here we go again, another season of TRANSMOG QUEUE beginning…

HA! I jest… I’m not sure where I will be in the space/time continuum the next few weeks so I may post many or no ideas at all!! Of course, this depends also on the requests I get, that means that… YOU can help a lot on the output of this blog #hint.

Today’s idea was requested by our fellow Queuvian Gevah. Asking for a Death Knight set to match the recently aquired weapon Torall, Rod of the Shattered Throne from Normal Throne of Thunder, tier 2 raid of Mists of Pandaria.

I swear I tried some many other sets, I almost bumped on a Paladin-only set that, for obvious reasons, you wouldn’t be able to wear. But in the end the most fitting match for your new weapons is the latest top tier from Legion, the Mythic version of the Dreadwyrm Battleplate (Recolor), sorry pal, you’ll ahve to either push yourself really hard on Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold or wait some time to farm it.

And since Gevah didn’t asked for any race/gender combination, I went on my own and put it on a male Orc. We sure have a majority of requests on the Alliance side of the game… Not if the sets look better on them or just if more Alliance players care about transmog, either way, there you go, Gevah, good luck farming this one!


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