Male Dwarf Enhancement Shaman


Hello there again, fellow transmoggers! We’re here today to present my very own vision of a “Wildhammer Gryphon Rider”. I can very much see this bad-to-the-arse sturdy guy hopping from high cliffs to the top of his Gryphon and from there laying waste in form of lightning-powered attacks over his foes.

He needs to be swift and light, therefore, no shoulders to slow his swings and no helm to cloud his vision. And altough he’s wearing a scaly-mail outfit, most of the parts look like studded leather with punctual reinforcements. Not to mention his weapons, a master of the thunderbolt and lightning (very very frightning!) that will hammer you down from the skies before you can even say “Mama-mia, let-me go!”

Here’s the gear list:


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