Male Gnome Protection Warrior


Welcome back, friends of the Transmog Queue! Today, the machine got a request from Gevah, for a Steampunked transmog. Gevah asked for a transmog to each of the armor types, but if you follow the blog long enough you’ll notice I have the terrible habit of taking a long time to finish series of transmogs, so Gevah, don’t hold your breath too long for the completion of this series, but I promise to you I will end it someday.

We’ll be starting with the basic plate guy: the Warrior, and who’s a better suited race to be a steampunk than a Gnome? I know, right? Below is the item list, but beware, this will require another long adventure for you to get all of them. Or maybe you already got them all and you didn’t even knew, hehe… Good luck!


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