Male Tauren Windwalker Monk


Hello again, my Transmog Friends! Today, we’ll tackle a very interesting request from our most requesitive Transmog Pal Chrth. He asked for a Monk with the hidden artifact appearence, the Stormfists. But that was a catch: He didn’t want to tell me on which race/gender combo he was going to use it, and told me to be creative (can you believe that?!?!).

So I experimented the fists on both genders of many races and got to the conclusion that the male Tauren looks the coolest of them all. Probably because the Stormfists are so bulky that only a bulky builded body would work on it.

Here’s the item list:

So there it is, Chrth, your bulky-fisted Monk. I hope you can make it work on your character.


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