Male Pandaren Hunter

halloween pandaren hunter

Hello again, fellow transmoggers! Nothing like the infamous Halloween holiday to bring up the dead back to life, just like it’s bringing the Transmog Queue back on work to give you new Halloween costume ideas to your sets.

We’ll be starting with a Pandaren, which by itself is a challenging race to look spooky… But we got that covered up with one the spookiest gear sets in all WoW: The Valorous Scourgestalker Battlegear (10 Recolor), from the amazing Ulduar raid. But with a couple different pieces, for extra flavor.

First, we got a Grievous Gladiator’s Chain Spaulders, instead the original (which is spooky enough, if you’re not into PvP to get this one), and the Star’s Rest Treads who match the set nicely. No need for belt transmog here, just hide yours, the set already have a belt-like waist that looks perfect.

Not spooky enough? Ok, you asked for it, and we deliver! The Accursed Bow of the Elite will make even your toughest enemy to think twice before trying to “trick or treat” you this holiday, that’s for sure! Heh…

So far, so good. We’ll be putting some sets together on the days to come with the aforementioned theme in mind, so stay tuned for more later, and see you soon!


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