Male Undead Arms Warrior

halloween undead warrior

Okay, continuing with our spooky Halloween themed TQ, I went into this Warrior thinking: “How can I make a spooky Warrior set, without venturing into Death Knight territory?” The answer is: “I couldn’t.” I seriously browsed through all Wowhead’s Warrior sets and couldn’t find one spookier enough to make the cut.

So I went to weapons. Yeah, there are plenty of spooky weapons in game, specially swords. But I still wanted it to feel Warrior-ish. And then I spotted the blue Wrath’s Edge version of the class Artifact: Strom’kar, the Warbreaker. It has not one, nor two, but THREE skulls in it. How can it be more perfect?

I tell you: We’ll put it in an Undead character and then make it wear the Legion Dungeon Plate (Heroic Recolor) set for a 100% Vrykulesque looks. It looks like it could be a DK set, but it IS NOT! Totally class-unbound and easily obtained by running Legion Heroic Dungeons. Use that for trick-and-treating and it will really get you out there!

More spooky stuff later on. Stay tuned!



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