Female Lightforged Draenei Holy Priest

Female Holy Priest Lightforged Draenei

Welcome back, fellow transmoggers!!! Just when you thought this blog had spent every inch of its creativity and most of the transmog ideas existent in WoW, the kind developers in Blizzard surprised us with 4 new races to play and, of course, dress up! And that means we finally can have some new ideas to play around and (hopefully) get that fancy outfits out in the wild for everyone to drool over them.

(Wait, what, that’s not why you transmog your characters? Ooopsy… hehe…)

First one is an idea I was building up in my head for a while, I got many toons in game, but not a single one of them is a Priest. And with the new Allied Race Lightforged Draenei, I guess I’m finally going the way of the church. But hey, I remember back in my day when we used to get very well dressed to go to the church, so that’s exactly what we’re doing here. Check down below for the item list!

The basic idea of this set was to show the amazing Lightforged Tatoos of the new race. They look amazing and I thought it’d be a great idea to build a set around them, and this ended up perfect (in my humble opinion, of course). Check below:

Female Holy Priest Lightforged Draenei (back)

See you later on with the other new races!!

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